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Cotswold Tournament 2017

Eastbourne Bombers teamed up with our great friends Run 'N' Base from down in Bristol to form


A great way to end the season in freezing cold, wet and windy conditions. 

check out some our hitting from the day.

Hit 'N' Run 5 2017 (Maidenhead)

Game day footage from our amazing day out at Hit 'n' Run 5 in Maidenhead.

Viper Series Day 3

Amazing 1st inning Against Guildford

Eastbourne Bombers batted threw the order scoring a impressive 6 runs in top of the first inning, with some great hitting and eagle eye walks.

Game Footage Against Chichester Falcons

Some great fielding and hitting from the Bombers throughout the game.

D1 Diamond 2017 clips

Rookie Ball 2017 Clips

A Winning Cheer

MVP Munden Hitting A Triple

Rbi Triple for MVP Munden in Semi Final Game

Michaela's First Triple

"Drop Bombs" Da Silva hitting her first Triple

Bomers First "EVER" RBI

Aaron finding the gap for a single scoring Bombers first ever competitive run against Horsham Broncos

Pre Game Pose Vs Broncos

Bombers first ever competitive game against Horsham Broncos.

Amy Hitting A Single

Amy Hitting a Single Again Horsham Broncos

Bombers First AtBat (Nic)

First Game, First AtBat 

Bombers Vs Broncos 2016

Big Swing & Miss From Will

Game Footage from Will swing Big Vs Broncos