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Christmas Indoor

20th DECEMBER 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Remember last year when the Elves took on the Santas and we all ate Mince Pies and played indoor softball until we were sick!??! We're doing it all again!!!

Returning to the awesome venue that is the Causeway School, this event will start at 7:30pm sharp and will finish at 9:30pm.

There is only space for 18 players, so this is very much a "First Come, First Served" situation. The cost for this evening of festive shenanigans, will be a very cheap £7! BARGAIN!!!! There will be three teams and 18 games to play in total.
Normal indoor softball rules will apply...AND CHRISTMAS JUMPERS / T-SHIRTS ARE ESSENTIAL!!!

Please email Rochelle and Lauren for details. 

End Of Season Awards

Coaches Choice

Will Taylor 

Male Bomber Of The Year

Terrance Young

Female Bomber Of The Year

Lisa Wiseman 

(Unfortunately couldn't make the evening)

2017, A seasons worth of Silverware

A successful first season is reflected within this photo. 

4 trophies is AMAZING

Great job Bombers. Enjoy the Off season and lets get somenew recruits and go again in


tick tick BOOOOOOOOM.

Hit 'n' Run (Maidenhead) September 10th

Eastbourne Bombers took over Maidenhead Softball Hit 'n' Run 5.

What a fantastic day out played in great spirits.

Game 1 Vs High Voltage

These guys are one of the nicest teams in softball (alongside us) and saw an extremely close first two innings with the Volts getting in a single run and holding the Bombers tight. By the third inning, the bats came alive with both teams scoring 5 (thanks to a bases loaded home run from Mike Thomas and a beautiful RBI single by Sarah Fry!) The Volts responded in kind scoring 5 of their own, meaning we were trailing one run going into the final inning. Despite the Bombers scoring 3 at their final at bat, the Volts clocked up 4 resulting in a final score of 8 – 10. The final out for the Bombers came courtesy of Lisa Waughman, making the most incredible catch, taking off at speed and snatching the ball clean out of the air! Glorious! Michaela da Silva racked up her first ever 100% On Base Percentage Game making it to first base twice alongside a beautiful double hit out towards left centre, and Lisa carried on her incredible performance with the bats also making onto base every single time she stepped into the box, racking up two runs batted in for good measure! 

Game 2 Vs Golden Sombreros

Up next were the brilliant Golden Sombreros, with both teams clocking up 3 runs each in the first inning. Ben Vere smashed a huge hit into centre field lifting the team to enable Lily Matorin and Aaron Munden to get on base and ultimately score. Matt Cole and Sarah “Stretch” Fry proved a force to be reckoned with playing in Shortstop and first base respectively with Matt firing some 80MPH throws to a superhuman stretching Sarah making it look effortless between them! Each at bat, the Sombreros calmly kept going one base at a time, clocking up 13 runs overall, taking the game just out of the Bombers’ grasp. Home runs by Will “the Power” Taylor weren’t enough to keep us in the swing of things and the final score was a very respectable 13 – 8 loss! 

Game 3 Vs Maidenhead

By the third game, the Bombers found their swing (no pun intended) and the bats came to life in a stunning display of home runs, doubles, triples and everything in between! Michaela da Silva proved that her beautiful new bat (hitherto referred to as THE PRECIOUS) was worth every penny, clearing the infield and landing beautifully in the gap! There were back to back homers thanks to Sarah and Matt, and an opposite field home run from Aaron (who was simply outstanding all day!) Someone turned the wind machine on, and I have no idea how Aaron was able to pitch so many strikes in a really strong cross wind. Our fielding looked slick and classy, and we only conceded one run all game. That is an absolutely remarkable achievement! The final score was an extremely convincing 22 – 1 and it was into the Plate for the Bombers! 

Semi Final Vs Buzzards

Our semi-final was against a familiar foe…the Herts Buzzards. The wind died down slightly, but the drizzle picked up. Proving that we play better in the rain, we racked up five runs in the first inning and held the Buzzards to a scoreless at bat with Mike assuming the role of pitcher effortlessly! The Bombers scored another run in their next turn at bat thanks to a string of singles thanks to Rochelle, Ibby, Sarah and Matt before three outs came in quick succession. Our final at bat started with two rapid outs. Lily made it onto base and then came home off of a huge double courtesy of Aaron making the final score 7 – 1 and into the plate final we went!! 

Final Vs Publishing Softball League Allstars

The excitement was palpable going into the final against the Publishing Softball League’s Allstars! Losing the fifth toss of the day, the Bombers stepped up to bat first, working our way solidly through our line up and clocking up a huge 7 runs in our first inning starting with a lead-off triple by Rochelle a homerun from Ibby! Against such a lovely opposition, the atmosphere was brilliant, despite the weather stepping it up a gear! Three outs game and it was into the field we went. The Allstars scored a single run from a leadoff home run in response to our 7, before we were able to make three outs in rapid succession (all of which came thanks to some huge stretches by Sarah!!) Heading into bat again, Ibby made it onto base, followed by Sarah. Matt stepped into the box and smashed the hardest hit I have ever seen, only to have this caught by their awesome short-stop, with the ball hitting the leather at such speed it sounded like someone had been shot!!! Stunned by this stupendous play, the third out came straight away and it was back into the field we went! Try as they might, the Allstars couldn’t get their bats going and three outs came round again thanks to a wonderful running catch by Mike who was so fast, it looked like Roadrunner was playing Centre Left and a tag play at home following a perfect throw by Matt!! Lisa protected left field all game, not letting a single ball past her, so the Allstars tried to hit right field. Luckily for the Bombers, Michaela and Ben were up to the challenge. A wonderful game with really tight defense saw the Bombers only allowing three runs in all game and ending with a final score of 11 – 3 and the Bombers taking the spoils!!

The Bombers had a fantastic time all day and the laughter was non-stop. Our play got better and better as the day progressed, with Aaron winning the overall MVP for the tournament! Let’s mark this date in our diary for next season and do it all again, shall we??!!!

So that’s it…nothing else entertaining happened……except of course for Aaron demonstrating his amazing talents as an animal impersonator. In our final game of the day he hit an absolutely huge bomb to centre field and took off at high speed towards first base. He rounded first well on his way to second whereupon he bounded over both bases with all the style and finesse of an antelope evading a predator in the Savannah!! The other team noticed (how could they not?!) and the Bombers started yelling at Aaron to go back and touch second base…not content with impersonating a gazelle, Aaron also wanted to show that he could also be a ballerina, as he began twirling around like Natalie Portman in Black Swann… (you know with a kind of frenzied confused / psychotic look on his face!) He turned and ran across the middle of the field to try and get back to two without anyone noticing…sadly, everyone did and he was called out in spectacular style!! Great job Buddy! It’s a good job we love you!!!!!

DiscoBall 2017 at Farnham Park, Slough

On a gorgeous July day, The Eastbourne Bombers journeyed once more across the country...(well to Slough anyway!) to compete in the AWESOME tournament that is Disco Ball, which as Rocco so aptly described as “an opportunity for crap teams to play on good pitches”!!

Game 1 Vs Golden Sombreros

Spirits were high going into our first game against the Golden Sombreros, a fantastic team from London. The game was filled with smiles, infectious laughter and questionable Mexican accents! Scoring four runs in our first at bat, (including three back to back doubles by Matthew Cole, Kelli Shackleton and Aaron Munden) we took to the field for the first time that day. Special guest star (and all round awesome player!) Mr Shackleton…(hitherto known as MR S!) dazzled in the outfield, effortlessly fitting into the team and adopting the Bombers spirit! The Sombreros scored three before we had a just to shut them down, and it was back into the dugouts we went!! Mr S took to the plate for the first time ever, smashing a beautiful hit to centre right and making it onto base, clocking up two RBI’s in the process! The Sombrero’s tightened their defence and made three outs in quick succession before batting in another 5 runs. Keeping the pressure on the opposition, we scored another three runs thanks to a beautiful triple courtesy of Lauren Smith, hitting the ball miles over the head of their centre left fielder and the first of three homeruns from Matt. The sombreros had clearly warmed up before switching their bats on for the last inning racking up an impressive 8 runs to our 2, making the final score a respectable 17 – 10. 

Game 2 Vs Run 'n' Base

No rest for the wicked, we went straight into our second game of the day against our old friends, Ibby’s very own “Run n’ Base” from Brizzle (where everyone knows softball is the shizzle! Or is it “gurt lush”?!) Here was a game filled with beautiful hits from both teams! Most notably for the Bombers was Lisa Waughman running hard to force the error at first base and Mr S making it onto base yet again! Four runs in, it was time for us to take to the field. Their first batter hitting a fly ball to Mr S, who made a catch most cricketers would be proud of! Feeling a sense of familial responsibility, Kelli was determined to prove to her father that the rumours about her awesomeness are true and she was absolutely outstanding on second base thought the game. Run ‘n Base scored two runs before Matt’s pitching racked up his first K of the game for the third out. Our second at bat started really positively with Holl-Wooooood getting on base with some incredibly fast running to first base! Terrence Young was outstanding in his first ever tournament playing third and making it to 2 on his second at bat! Up followed a sweet home run by Rochelle finding a gap behind left centre, bringing home Terrence in the process! Will kept the momentum going before three outs came one after another, and it was back into the field we went! Run n Base had an outstanding inning, scoring 6 runs thanks to some nervy fielding by the Bombers…(and some brilliant batting too…obvs!) The deficit proved too much for us to overcome, despite a beautiful triple thanks to Michaela da Silva and two RBI’s following a double by Ben Vere, and we suffered our second loss of the day.

Game 3 against - MK Diamonds

An hour off gave some of us the chance to get some batting tips from the wonderful Ryan Turtill, while the rest of us cheered other games from the sidelines. Up next came the MK Diamonds, and with it, a much welcome change of fortune!!! Despite going behind in the first inning (their scoring four runs to our one), we played some outstanding defensive work with excellent link up play between Aaron pitching and Lauren on 1 making a string of tidy outs one inning after another! Our outfield snapped into life, running around constantly, backing up throws here there and everywhere and communicating with one another like pros! The MK Diamonds didn’t stand a chance and we won with a convincing score of 16 – 6! 

Semi Final Vs Baffins Brewers

In a Rookieball Semi-final rematch, we were pitted against the lovely Baffins Brewers all in contention for the title of Funk Final Champions. A rapid 3 up, 3 down defence for the bombers took us in to bat…and boy did we!!! Scoring an incredible 11, (yes that’s right gang 11!!!) runs in our first at bat, the lovely Brewers’ heads dropped and they slipped into a funk which was hard to shift. This first at bat had some incredible hits but none more so than Matt, sending a HUUUUUUGE bomb clear over the home run boundary and landing some 20 feet back from the line! (It was B-E-A-UTIFUL!!) Not wanting to be outdone, Aaron clocked up another two home runs alongside Will Taylor who was inspired all day! The girls held their own with Kelli, Holly and Lisa all getting on base at every at bat this game! That’s some impressive stuff gang! Out in the field, a few complacent errors in the field allowed the Brewers to claw back 7 well earned runs over the rest of their at bats. Not content with scoring 11 we racked up another 8 with Will scoring his fourth and fifth home runs of the day! 

Funk Final Vs Buzzards

Confidence was high going into the Funk Final against the Hertfordshire Buzzards. A nervy first inning saw the Buzzards getting a rapid three outs before scoring 2 runs. In the second inning the Buzzards played a good defence and held us at 0 before scoring another 3. Going into bat the Bombers needed a boost, and Matthew was on hand to do just that! Hitting yet another dinger, the Bombers kept the pressure on. The Bombers displayed a solid defence with Shack Attack dazzling on first and the Buzzards were held at 5 runs. Our bats finally came alive in the third with excellent hits from Lisa, rookie Holly, Rochelle and Aaron scoring 2 and loading the bases for Will Taylor to hit a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN (which incidentally was his sixth of home run of the day!!!!!!! The Bombers finally took the lead going into the final inning 5 – 7! With clear heads and some brilliant link up play between Matt in short and Kelli on first, all that was needed was one more out. Up stepped their batter, hitting a ground ball to Rochelle on second base…she fielded it and threw to first….Out!  BOMBERS WIN! 



Your MVP's for Disco Ball

Thank you to everyone for making the day so much fun! Bomber of the Tournament’s went to Matt “over the fence” Cole and Kelli “Shack Attack” Shackleton! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!

Eastbourne Bombers first entry into the Eastbourne Herald Newspaper

Eastbourne Bombers Co-Ed slowpitch Softball team participated in their inaugural tournament last weekend alongside team from across the UK. 6 men and 6 women took to the field playing four games on day one, the competition was strong but the Bombers held their own, displaying some fantastic softball and outstanding sportsmanship. Day two saw the Bombers and 5 other teams in contention for the plate. Shaking off the results of the first day the Bombers were chasing one run going into the their last at-bat. Lauren Smith (1st base) smashed a huge hit into centre field resulting in an exciting walkout win for the Bombers! Huge hits in the final game from Matthew Cole (3rd base) and Will Taylor (outfielder) were unfortunately not enough to secure a ticket to the final, but the Bombers  finished a respectable third place, not a bad way to announce their entrance into the Softballing world! Congratulations to Will Taylor and Jolene Foley for being awarded male and female Bomber of the tournament (BOTT). If you want to get involved, check out our website or email for more info.

Please checkout full game by game write up below

D1 Diamond Series 2017 (13th & 14th May)

On Saturday 13th at a ridiculously early 06:00, the alarm rang out and the butterflies started flipping...Nervous excitement took over as the Bombers set off for our first ever two day softball tournament in Slough!

With a 10:00 game to start the day, we decided to meet at 09:30 to give us 30 minutes to warm up and prepare...a sadly mistimed trip to Sainsbury's saw a frantic scoffing of shreddies and tying of shoelaces whilst walking out to the field for our first game against the MK Diamonds! We held them to a tight first inning, with them ultimately scoring 4 runs off of a massive hit. Three outs later, we were up to bat with Ibby leading us off...Our first three batters all made it onto base in formidable style before our first out came courtesy of a sacrifice fly (!) to centre right by Rochelle allowing Ibby to tag up and run home...the Bombers were on the board! Matt Cole made it onto base, bringing Brooke Matcham home, doubling our run tally! Two rapid outs followed and we were back in the field. Some silly fielding errors saw another three runs coming in, meaning we were chasing 6 runs going into the second.  Two more at bats with three up, three down saw the Diamonds lead increased to 14. Our fourth inning saw another two runs coming in with the Bombers taking it one base at a time. Sadly it wasn't enough and we suffered our first loss of the day.

Game 2 Vs Random Generators

An hour off and it was finally time to digest the rushed breakfast and crack open the cider! Our next game was against the Random Generators. Winning the toss the  Bombers stepped up to bat and scoring 3 runs, two thanks to a triple by Rochelle and a solo home run from Matt Cole. Out into the field we went full of enthusiasm! Some solid fielding, most notably by Ben Vere who made a breathtaking reflex catch on second (which Kelli didn't get on video!) allowing us to take to the batters box once more with Adrian B-T leading us off. The Generators made a few errors, allowing us to get on base...but it wasn't enough and three outs sadly followed. Our second chance in the field saw the team overcompensating for the hole which Lauren was standing in at first, giving up 5 runs off of fielding errors. Dream team Will Taylor and Jolene Foley in right field, (with a little help from a very solid Ben on two) racked up our three outs and we were back in to bat...With our team taking it one base at a time we managed to rack up another three runs and it was back into the field. The generators scored another 4 runs before we were able to get them out and try to respond. We managed to score another two runs, making the final score 8 to the Bombers, 9 to the Generators...another loss, but a much closer game as we started to find out flow...

Game 3 Vs - Thames Valley Hurricanes

The third game of the day saw the Bombers pitched against the TV Hurricanes. A formidable foe, the Hurricanes won the toss and chose to field. Ibby Hassan stepped up and hit a lovely double taking him to second base. In the same inning, superstar "Grandpa Balls" Aaron Munden followed in Matt's footsteps and hit an outstanding triple, bringing home our first run of the game. Two runs later, it was time to field...we held them tight and managed to get back into bat after only allowing one run in. Back in the batters box, Will "The Power" Taylor (no relation to Phil) clocked up his first official Home Run...and it was GAWJUS!!! The bombers took the lead for the first time of match before making our way back into the field. A very exciting final inning saw all the pressure on the Hurricanes...They were up to the challenge and a very exciting (and deserved) walkoff win saw the Bombers at 3 losses. In our down time, some of us had a go in the batting cages, attempting to try our hand at fastpitch!

Game 4 Vs Manchester Little Fish

Our fourth and final game was against the lovely Little Fish from Manchester. Tired limbs saw our first three batters step up and get out. Out into the field we trudged, smiling, but sleepy!!! The little fish batted well and managed to sneak in 4 runs before we took to the batters box. Matt started a string of base hits, seeing Brooke, Will and Lauren (who hit a beautiful double to bring in 3 runners) all getting onto base solidly. Adrian B-T continued the Bombers master class getting onto base in style! Kelli "Shack Attack" followed swiftly behind and Ben Vere nudged everyone along another base with a solid hit into the gap! Seven runs in, the fish found their flow and got the outs. Some solid batting by the fish saw them equal our run total, and the game was tied at 7 runs each...Ben got on base for his second at bat of the game, followed by Jolene. Ibby stepped up to bat and brought in  a run by unselfishly taking the walk, putting the bombers ahead by 1 run. Three quick outs saw the bombers taking to the field for the  last time of the day, needing to protect a very slender lead. Sadly, with one runner on base the big little fish man smashed a huge home run into centre field, bringing in two runs and winning them the game...But since they were such a lovely team, we didn't mind at all!

Our first day saw some outstanding pitching by Aaron, who told me that "the guy from Random Generators said my pitching was good cos he never knew what I was gonna do next...I didn't want to tell him I don't really have a clue what I'm doing which is why it was unpredictable!" and Ben making so many catches whilst fielding second, that I lost count! An evening of good food (thankfully!) and lots of laughter followed before it was finally time to sleep before Sunday's action.


Game 1Vs Nottingham Pyros

The shenanigans from the first day saw the Bombers in contention for the plate, and still chasing that elusive win. Our first game on Sunday saw us matched with the awesome Nottingham Pyros who (despite outplaying us at every opportunity) were gracious winners! We managed to get in three runs overall, one thanks to Ibby's savvy and sneaky running, and another courtesy of Matt hitting by far the most humongous home run I have ever, ever seen!! A few costly fielding errors resulted in a heavy loss for the Bombers before it was on to our next game!

Game 2 Vs London Raiders

The lovely London Raiders played with their usual flair and panache, (playing some awesome tunes) came into the game with the same sense of good sportsmanship that we have come to know and love them for. Our bats really came alive, and we scored 6 runs in the first inning with Will racking up his second home run of the tournament! Our fielding was tight and we managed to prevent the raiders scoring any more than 2 runs before we took to the bats again. A solo home run by Rochelle was a good way to start the second inning followed swiftly by the raiders refusing to let the girls play and three outs for our next three female batters. The Raiders did well with their second chance at bat, scoring 5 runs before the Bombers could get the outs. Our third at bat saw two very quick outs in quick succession before an incredible 2 down rally in which we scored 9 runs!! Aaron hit his first home run of the day, Matt hitting yet another home run and Brooke and Ibby hitting a double. Batting the entire way through our order, the third out finally game and we took to the field with the damage having been well and truly inflicted. The Raiders kept their spirits up, but were prevented from scoring any more runs, and the fourth inning saw the Bombers taking to the bats once more. Adrian hit a beautiful double over the head of the second baseman, and stopped on 2 with a huge smile on his face! Matt smashed yet another home run (his second of the game!) and the Bombers racked up another 5 runs. Ball game called, and the Bombers had secured their first win by a MASSIVE 24 runs to 7!

Game 3 Vs Maidenhead Rascals

Spirits were well and truly up for the third game of the day which saw the Bombers facing the Maidenhead Rascals. This was a great game with lots of action (and learning points) for the team throughout! Our first inning saw solid bats and quick feet enabling us to score 4 runs. Out into the field we went before racking up some really silly fielding errors and giving away 3 runs. Never a team to let our head drop, we kept going, scoring another two runs before conceding one tying the game at 6 runs all. Maidenhead were able to play well and scored another 5 runs in the third inning, giving them an impressive lead. Michaela da Silva had winning in her sights, smashing a HUGE triple in with 3 RBI's before three outs came in quick succession. The Rascals' final at bat saw them bringing in one run, making the score 12 - 9 with our bat in hand. The last inning did not start well and the Bombers had two up, two down immediately. Brooke stepped into the box and hit a lovely single down the third base line. Matt stepped up and made it onto base, followed by Michaela (who was our tying run). Aaron made it onto base, bringing in Brooke following a lovely hit into the gap behind their shortstop. Lauren Smith stepped up to the plate and smashed a huge triple hit, brining in the tying run AND the winning run! The Bombers' first ever WALK OFF WIN!!! How very exciting!!!

Game 4 Vs Tigers

Into our final game of the tournament against the Tigers we went. Knowing that this was a very strong team, (and that it looked suspiciously like it was going to rain very soon!) the Bombers took to the field. Some tired fielding saw five runs coming in before the Bombers could have a go at batting. Two outs started us off before Brooke kept us alive with a base hit, followed swiftly by Matt and then Michaela. The third out came soon after and another 4 runs came in for the Tigers...Up stepped Lauren who made it onto first only to be brought home following a HUGE home run by Will! Kelli, Adrian and Jolene all made it onto base before the final out of the inning. The Tigers kept their momentum and managed to score another 5 runs, taking their tally to 14 with ours stuck on 2. Ibby and Matt kept hope afloat managing to get onto base and eventually running home thanks to some savvy batting by Michaela and Aaron, doubling our runs to 4. A tight fielding inning saw the Bombers keep the Tigers at 14 runs, and we went into the next inning chasing 10! Will Taylor smashed a grand slam second home run of the game before the Tigers got the needed outs and our day was done. Final score, Tigers 14 - Bombers 4...

Tired, soaked and extremely proud, the Bombers made their way to the Home Plate Clubhouse for our team presentations. Male Bomber of the Tournament (BOTT) went to Will Taylor who was not only outstanding on the field, his one liners kept us laughing off the field! Female BOTT went to the lovely Jolene Foley who had an outstanding tournament (OBP wise) and told us more than once she's just "born this way!" The entire team played some fantastic softball throughout the tournament, and did so well to keep the games as tight as they were, and even win some! Coming third overall in the plate, I think that's a job more than well done!

Our next tournament will be Discoball on the 8th July, so if you want to play in that let us know...

Rookie Ball - Recap

Early on Sunday 9th April 2017, all across Eastbourne (and some parts of Bristol / Bexhill!) members of the newest softball team in Sussex bleary eyed (and a little hungover) silenced their alarms, got up and set off to Southampton for our first ever tournament. 

By 09:15, we were all gathered nervous and excited in the car park...our first game was at 10:00 against the formidable Bracknell Scorchers. First game nerves got the better of us in our first two innings enabling the Scorchers to carve out an impressive 13 run lead. Going into the third inning, the bombers were chasing 13 runs. We'd batted through the order, and Matt Cole (our lead off batter) stepped up to the plate. Hitting a massive double was something of a turning point for us, and the next seven batters all got onto base. This solid batting display saw the Bombers rack up 6 runs in our final at bat before the game ended 16 - 9 in favour of the Scorchers. 

With no rest to be had, the Bombers' next opponent was a team from Portsmouth University, the Shafters. A magical first inning by the Shafters somehow saw them clocking up 5 runs (!) to our 2. Our second at bat saw us score another 2 runs, taking the game 12 - 4 in favour of the Shafters. We tightened up our defense and held them to those 14 runs, whilst managing to score another 8 ourselves, leveling the score at 12 - 12! Our very own pocket rocket, Michaela da Silva's first ever career triple was filmed and will forever go down in history! Check out the video later on in this email. 

Up next were the tournament hosts, the Southampton Spitfires MK2. They had some absolutely massive hitters, and ran riot in their first at bat scoring a massive 18 runs to our 3. Never letting our heads drop, we went into the second inning determined to pull something back. Our defense worked out some of the kinks and we stopped the Spitfires from scoring any more runs. We kept swinging, kept taking it one base at a time and clawed back 8 runs, but by this point the damage was well and truly done. 

We had a short break whilst scores were calculated and managed to our lunch before moving into the knockout stages. Our quarter final match up was against the lovely Baffins Brewers. A brilliant, well tempered and friendly game saw the Bombers carving out a slender lead and maintaining it throughout. Our MVP Aaron hit himself a lovely RBI triple (which you can see later on in this email), and the Bombers went through to the final with a convincing 9 - 4 win!!

The Bombers were up against a similarly new team from London, High Voltage (who had played outstandingly against the Spitfires to reach the final). What an exciting game this was! High Voltage scored 2 in the first inning to the Bombers' 3, Matt Cole hitting a home run at his first bat. In the second inning, High Voltage scored another two, but we fought hard and managed to score 5, making the score 8 - 4 to us. Going into the third inning, High Voltage shifted up another gear and held us tight, preventing us from scoring any runs whilst racking up another 4 tying the game at 8 - 8 moving into what would become our last inning. We held them tight and went into the last "at bat" of the day tied at 8. Holding our nerve, and taking it one base at a time our first four batters made it onto base. Up steps Matt Cole who had been on fire all day long. Perfectly placing a hit deep into right field, two of our runners made it home meaning we were up 10 - 8! The blue checked his watch...NO NEW INNINGS....BALL GAME! BOMBERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an absolutely fantastic first tournament for our incredible new team! Looking through our score sheets, I am so proud to say that every single one of you managed to bat your way onto base at some point in the game...That is an outstanding achievement!!! I am so proud of you all, and hope you had as much fun as I did!

My favourite moment of the day has to have been thanks to our veteran softballer, Kim Gardener. Kim was playing second base in the semifinal...the ball is batted right to him, he bends down, stumbles (to be fair, he is very's a long way down!) before trying to throw the ball with his head upside down on the floor! Michaela on first catches (but the runner was safe) and throws the ball to Kelli at home to try and make the tag. Time is called, everyone is safe and Kim struggles to his feet, turns to me and says "did we get anybody out?!" Next time Kimmy...Next time!!

(D1) Diamond 1 Softball Series

2ND SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT!!! (13th & 14th May 2017)

We have signed up (and paid!) for our 2ND EVER SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT!!! 

By far the best thing about softball is the some of you now know and this one is always a laugh! It's called Diamond 1, and is part of the "Diamond Softball Series". This year, D1 is on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th May. Generally, tournaments are about learning the game, eating, drinking and having fun! It's in Sunny Slough (!) at BSUK's baseball and softball ground in Farnham Park. There's the opportunity to camp at the tournament ground, or (for the more sensible among us!) rent a hotel room nearby.

One thing I can promise you about tournaments is that you will learn masses and your softballing skills will increase significantly. The general set up is 5 games on the Saturday, and depending on how well we do, at least three on the Sunday. Games are timed, and it's normally one hour playing, one hour recovering before playing again. 

We need a team of at least 6 guys and 6 girls for both days, and we will need to cover the cost of the entrance fee. So, to be part of our first ever tournament team it'll be £12.50 per day. To confirm your place in the team, we'll need payment up front. 

Please put your surname and D1 as the reference so we can keep track of who has paid. If you have any questions about the awesomeness of tournaments, let us know!!!

The Viper Softball Series

A brand new softball competition involving the Eastbourne Bombers and teams from around East/West Sussex and Surrey.

Eastbourne Bombers

Chichester Falcons

Guilford Maverics

Brighton BeachCombers 

Teams will play a round robin style day of games with each team hosting an event day. 

Eastbourne Bombers will have a Home Run 'Dinger" derby for lunch time entertainment.

April 6th 2017 - Outdoor Softball Practice

Its Back! April 6th has arrived and we are back outside after a long winter indoors. Let's use those skills we learnt Bombers and carry them into the season.

Be down at the Dimond every THURSDAY 6pm - 8pm (behind the Indoor Bowls Club)

Bombers Vs Broncos (friendly)

Match Recap of Bombers first ever game

What an amazing way to announce ourselves into the softball world!

At 12:00, players from the Eastbourne Bombers made our way over to take on the equally rookie side, the Horsham Broncos. After some frantic searches to find the best place to park (!) we all arrived, got dressed into our AWESOME jerseys and went to bat at 14:00.

Our first batter (and awesome pitcher for the day!) Nic stepped up to the plate, and smashed a fly ball to right centre, but only to make the young 14 year old boy playing in that position feel good about himself! (How selfless is that?!?!) Up next to bat was Amy, cool and calm under pressure, she hit a lovely ball towards third base and took off at the speed of light towards first...her legs became like wheels as they carried her faster then even she expected, and she was safe at home like a know the kind, from the snickers advert before he has eaten! But like the trooper that she clearly is, her main worry was whether her new shirt was ripped!!

Next, up stepped our shortstop, Will, hitting a beautiful line drive over third base and foul by inches! A swing and a miss, followed by a third foul saw our second out of the first inning. Up stepped Rochelle with a (somewhat lucky) hit to right field, allowing Amy to advance to third. Into the box, with a steely look of determination came Matt. A slight miss-hit (which he was to make up for later on!) saw Matt locked in a race to first with the pitcher gathering the ball and throwing Matt out at first, but not before he attempted to re-create Amy's ninja moves into first...sadly all to no avail!

And just like that...with no runs scored, the Bombers took to the field! The atmosphere was electric, with everyone looking about 70% excited, 20% confused and maybe 10% hungry. But, with an air of determination, we ran a tight ship and stopped the Broncos scoring any runs. This included some awesome plays from Will in short, Matt on 3, and a very excitable and enthusiastic Kelli on 2! Three outs in quick succession so us heading in to pick up the bats again!

Our ringer from Horsham, Paul stepped up and with ruthless efficiency against his own team (!) smashed a lovely triple seeing him safely reaching third base. There's something poetic in the fact that our first ever run was scored by a member of the opposing team, but without an absolutely perfect hit by Aaron, (who earned the Bombers first ever RBI - Runs Batted In) this would never have happened! Our resident South African (which apparently is a requirement for every softball team!) stepped up to bat. She remained calm under the pressure and earned our first ever Base on Balls (or walk!) John stepped into the box, composed himself, and (as Nic had done before him!) hit a selfless fly ball to their short stop. What followed next was a comedy of errors! With all the enthusiasm of a kid in a sweet shop, Aaron and Kelli flew from their bases as soon as John made contact with the ball! Because this was caught, they then had to get back to their original bases before the ball did to stop themselves getting out as well...Cue lots of screaming and shouting from our players, screaming and shouting from the Broncos wild throws, juggling acts and lots of laughter, somehow Aaron made it back, and a confused Kelli was stood sharing the base with him! She was tagged out, and suddenly we were one out away from taking the field again.

Into the plate stepped Annabel, primed and ready for action! Keeping a close eye on the balls, Annabel made solid contact hitting the ball towards their pitcher. She took off as fast as she could, but the Broncos pitchers throw was accurate, and the third out was made at first. Back into the field we went with our first run scored!

We managed to shut the Broncos out, with the most memorable moment in this inning being Kelli making an outstanding out on 2, and then standing there celebrating happily (A slight mistake that everyone has to make before they can call themselves a real softballer!!) and an important way to learn that age old saying "There's always another play!"

Back to bat we went starting with the top of the order, and Nic hitting a beautiful shot into the outfield to make it to second base. Amy stepped up, made solid contact and this time, managed to stay on her feet to get to first, earning another RBI in the process. Will batted next and made it to first, with Amy getting out on second. Rochelle became the second out of the inning with a shot to the short stop making the play at 1st. Matt stepped up and hit the ball towards first base, becoming the third out of the inning...but with our lead doubled, we took to the field with a slight change up.

Aaron was now on 3, John at short and Amy at 2, with Kelli, Will and Matt patrolling the outfield. Some unfortunate fielding errors in this inning saw the Broncos pull back three runs and take the lead by one. An awesome run down occurred between Aaron on 3 and Nic which saw both players stay calm, talking to each other and Aaron making the tag play for the third out of the inning.

And so into the final inning,  where the Bombers turned in an absolute batting masterclass! Every single player batted their way onto base, which is an incredible achievement for our first ever game! Will hit an absolute bomb to left centre, and was robbed of a home run because of the ground rule double which meant as soon as his ball rolled over the boundary, he was stuck at 2.

This was the inning that saw Matt show absolutely ruthless batting skills, smashing a monster of a hit clear over the boundary for the Bombers first beautiful home run!

We retired after scoring a huge 14 runs in this inning alone and took to the field for one final time. Three batters stepped up, two outs at first in quick succession followed by runners making it onto first and second. Into the box stepped the Bronco's resident south African, only to hit a line drive straight at Aaron, who calmly stepped onto third base for our three outs!

Ball game called! The Bombers won by a massive 16 runs to 3!

Special mention has to go to Annabel for being really solid in catch, only allowing 5 balls to dribble past her all game! (She is obviously competing with Vicky (who we hope feels better soon) for the nickname of "The Magnet!") And special mention also to Nic for stepping in and pitching for us like a boss...thank you!!!

MVP's were Matt for his outstanding home run, and Amy for her solid batting, fielding, and spectacular gymnastic skills!!!

A brilliant game was had by all, and we have definitely sent a strong message to the softballing community! There are some pictures up on Facebook, check them out, tag yourself in them, print them off and send them as Christmas cards!