2019 Season

DiscoBall 6th July 2019

Groove Final champs 2019


Check out below Discoball game by game report

Diamond Dogs 9-7

The Bombers had 3 group games in the morning which saw them start off strongly against the Diamond Dogs, Impressive fielding highlights included Matt bringing back a found ball from over the fence in dead ball territory, Matt chased the ball down the 3rd base line leaned over the fence on stretch and brought the ball back into play for the out, also the greatest bobble catch from Nick in Right Centre, after positioning himself perfectly, caught the ball and decided that he should juggle the ball as it popped up out of his glove and then made the grab with his bare hand for the out. Strong batting saw the bombers rush to an early 4-0 lead which included a 3 run home run from Matt in his first atbat of the day. The Diamond Dogs with a stronger team than previously at D2 settled into their own groove and came out just on top 9-7 winners.

SuperMarines 10-11

The Bombers felt good and settled into their groove in the 2nd game against the Supermarines, The bats came out firing scoring an impressive 8 runs in the 2nd inning, backed up an incredible pitching display from Sarah who proved a great alternative pitcher from rock steady Will, Jorge hit a huge over the fence grand slam home run scoring 4 of the Bombers runs to top of the inning, Pippa's glove in the infield was on point, making ground balls look effortless, firing balls across the diamond backed up by Sarah as always with her rock steady glove at 1st base. As the game progressed the Supermarines tried to force pressure on the bombers infield by stealing 3rd base only to be caught with a perfectively executed run down from the infield to end the inning. Once again for the second game came down to the Bombers needing 2 runs for the walk off win, 2 quick outs, the pressure was building, up stepped Trish, her steady eyes at the plate earned a valuable walk, then a huge clutch hit double from Nick put runners at 2nd and 3rd for Will who once again proved invaluable with a line drive down the left field line scoring both runs for win, amazing. Final score 10-11 Bombers.

SuitBallers 21-5

Our 3rd game was a different story with the Bombers reeling of the walk off win, the bats came alive, 4 straight walks from the top of the order loaded the bases for Sarah who came up swinging with a double scoring 3 runs, Matt then hit a 2 run home run and before we new it the Bombers were up 5-0, further hits from Miguel, Michaela and a walk from Ben loaded the bases again for Nick who scored the 3 runs with a huge single, Jorge hit his 2nd over the fence gland slam home run for the day topping off the scoring at 14 runs at the end of the 1st. The Bombers then displayed more excellent fielding both in the infield with Jorge and Matt playing short stop and 2nd firing balls across the infield for outs, no runners made it past 1st base throughout the game, Miguel in the outfield made vital cool composed catches, all holding the Suitballers to zero all game. The Bombers took their incredible scoring to 21-0 with further home runs from Will and Miguel, no new innings called with the Suitballers needing 22 to win. Final score 21-5 Bombers.

Semi Final Vs Finsbury Knights 6-5

Knockout Softball began the Bombers pitched against the Finsbury Knights from London in the Groove semi final. The Bombers went with 5 and 5 for the semi final, with the bats rolling over with more consistency, this allowed the players to settle into their positions as we new this would be one of the Bombers biggest challenges to date. In the 1st inning the bats scored a lonely 1 on a R.B.I from Sarah after Pippa made it aboard. The Knights struggled to get anything going in the 1st, a ground ball firstly at Jorge then Pippa secured 2 quick outs, the 3rd out came via a heads up play from Sarah after an over throw from Pippa allowed the base runner to try and steal 2nd, Sarah was quick to realise and through a dart to Matt on 2nd base for tag play 3rd out. The Bombers used their strength in the 2nd inning, Nick hit a huge double and that was followed by Trish with another Clutch R.B.I single to bring Nick home, hits from Will, Pippa and then another homer 3 run home run from Jorge scored the Bombers 5 runs for a total of 6, The Bombers kept the Knights to just 2 runs in the second,  Unable to score in the top of the 3rd inning followed by 2 runs again from the knights in the bottom kept the game on a knife edge, 6-5 Bombers with the Knights needing 2 runs to win at no new innings. As the whole day the Bombers defence was impeccable, hard hit ground ball at Pippa, 1 down, Fly ball to Nick in right centre, 2 down, the Bombers could sense something special brewing, then one of the hardest hit line drives we had seen of the day to the 3rd base bag, Pippa lurched over a made a incredible catch! Bombers win 6-5.


Final Vs Baffin Brewers 28-1

Bombers into the Groove Final for the first time in their shortly but beautiful history. The Final was a different unexpected story, The Bombers were confident coming up against the Baffin Brewers, The Bombers were undefeated against the Brewers but knew they have also enjoyed a excellent day looking at the group tables and runs scored sheet with some very impressive displays. Tired legs, one more game. Bombers lost the coin toss, batting first, who could have predicted what was about to happen. 2 home runs in the 1st inning from Jorge (over the fence again for no.3) and Miguel helped the Bombers score 5, some impressive defensive displays from the middle infield kept the Brewers to zero after the 1st, the 2nd inning was a game changer, the Bombers scored an incredible 10 runs and batted around the order 3 home runs in the inning from Will and Matt, then Miguel again for back to back homers really put the pressure on the Brewers. Once again the defensive plays kept the score to zero, with the highlight of the inning being a ground ball at Jorge in Short stop, throw to Sarah at 1 who then fired a cannon across the diamond to Pippa at 3 for the double play on the advancing base runner. The Bombers weren't finished there, back to the bats, 13 runs scored in the 3rd inning (incredible) twice around the order, further home runs from Nick then Will and Jorge for their 2nd each of the game putting the total runs scored at 28. The Brewers did spoil the party by scoring 1 run in no new innings, two amazing catches from Miguel in Left centre then shut the door. What a display from the Bombers 8 home runs witht he bats.


D2 Series


BoomTime Cats prowl through the weekend

TheBoomtime Cats narrowly missed out on the Plate trophy at Diamond 2 Series this past weekend. Falling short at the final hurdle, Big bats and some incredible fielding help keep the BoomTime Cats on pace with the eventual winners. This went down to the wire with some really close calls that could have, should have gone the way of the Cats. Bootime Cats have put on two really strong displays this season so far, looking forward to D3 in late July the Cats are eyeing up silverware once again. stay tuned for updates.

D1 Series

Diamond Series 1

Softball ascended on to Farnham Park this weekend for a awesome couple of days of Softball. D1 was the collaborative First Competition with Bristol Bam to form the great Boomtime Cats. 

Day 1 - 5 games against some really impressive teams was the task at hand for day one, with the likes of Game of Throws, Maidenhead Rebels, Yellow Scorchers, Lucky Strikes and the incredible Pork and Pitchers as our opposition. The Boomtime Cats played hard all day, scoring plenty from big timely hits from the whole team, topped of with a great home run from Chris and a huge triple from Ebby Hassan. In the field the Boomtime Cats held their own making great catches and backing up the infield within the plays. The Boomtime Cats ended the first day with 1-4 record which did not reflect the games played. However the Boomtime Cats did finally beat one of the banana skins over the last 2 years for both Eastbourne Bombers and Bristol Bam in the Lucky Strikes 10-9, a great satisfying end to a hard days softball. 

Day 2 - The Boomtime cats followed on from where they left off on day 1 with another impressive display against the Diamond Dogs winning 6-1, accomplished infield plays helped keep the score to 1 for the Dogs, this was a great way to start day 2. Blitz came up against the Cats for game 2 of the day, strong bats in the first inning saw us take a 8-3 lead, the Blitz made a strong game of it pulling the game really close to a final score of 11-10 Boomtime Cats thanks in part to a clutch hit from Glenn to score Chris and the winning run. Boomtime Cats finish the round robin games with a 3-4 record after 4 straight loses turn they completion around with 3 straight wins. The Semi Final in the Plate trophy was against the Pirates. Strong Batting again allowed the Cats to take a 4 run lead, The Pirates kept close on our paws throughout the game, Superb catching in the outfield from Ben and Glenn kept it close to the final inning, but the Pirates Bats were slightly to strong and winning the game 8-5 the Pirates advanced to the final leaving the Boomtime Cats regroup and go again at the Diamond 2 competition next month.